New Bank of Canada Rates are Impacting Canadians.

Following the Bank of Canada’s recent rate-tightening announcement, many Canadians with 5-year fixed mortgage rates are feeling the knock on impact. Many 5-year uninsured mortgages are now ranging between 3.39% and 3.79%.

The result is that borrowers who secure a rate of 3.25% or higher are stress tested at their contracted rate and an additional 2%, not the Bank of Canada’s mortgage qualifying rate (MQR) of 5.25%.

Both insured and uninsured mortgage borrowers are qualified based on a contract rate plus 2% or 5.25%, whichever is greater depending on an individual’s circumstances. Many Canadians will now face a rate higher than 5.25%, affecting their debt-service ratios.

The consequence is shrunken purchasing power and a tougher time securing financing on the home’s many Canadians hope to buy. 

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