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Your house is more than just a home. You can use your home equity as a solution to all your current financial needs. All it takes is a lien put up against your home and you can turn part of your home equity into money you can use for renovations, paying back loans, business ideas, and much more. How much you qualify to receive for your home equity loan depends on the value of your home.

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Leverage your home’s value to achieve your goals with a personalized home equity loan catered to your circumstances. Depending on your home’s value and your equity, we’ll help tailor a competitive home equity loan to fit your needs.

How Do Home Equity Loans Work?

A home equity loan lets you borrow money against your existing equity. In addition to your credit score and income, lenders let you borrow an amount up to roughly 85% of your home’s equity. When you work with Karla Badillo for your home equity loan, you get a personalized financial solution to help you stop worrying about your financial circumstances and get back to enjoying life.

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Why A Home Equity Loan?

A home equity loan can help you refinance existing debt and access your home’s equity to brighten your future. It can also help Canadians who don’t fit typical lending guidelines most financial institutions have, whether that’s because of a limited income, self-employment, or financial worries.

  • Repair and rebuild your credit score
  • Reduce loan expenses with a lower rate
  • Handle essential renovations or repairs
  • Bring down monthly payments
  • Stop worrying about bills and finances
  • Trust a proven home equity loan provider