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Seize control over your personal debt with a second mortgage. If you have an existing mortgage you can take out a second loan to tap into the equity you’ve earned, giving you access to large amounts of money at lower interest rates.

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What is a Second Mortgage?

Leverage your home’s value to pay for home improvements or paying off larger debts and other obligations. Like a typical mortgage, second mortgages are secured by your home. With only a few restrictions on how borrowers can spend money borrowed on a second mortgage, it’s a versatile financing option for many Canadians.

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Get a personalized second mortgage and the right plan for your personal circumstances. We have over 7 years of experience working closely with clients to create the ideal plan and a proven record from our many satisfied clients.

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Why Get a Second Mortgage?

Many homeowners choose a second mortgage because of relatively low interest rates and the continuing rise in home values. You can use the funds from a second mortgage for practically any expenses outside of frivolous spending. Interest paid on second mortgages can sometimes be tax deductible, providing an additional incentive for second mortgage holders.

  • Pay for urgent Home Repairs
  • Finance property updates to increase value
  • Further your education for a brighter future
  • Purchase an investment property
  • Get a personalized second mortgage
  • Work with an experience, qualified broker